How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Yard

The question of how to get rid of fleas in your yard is probably very high on your agenda if you are currently suffering from an outbreak of fleas and would really like to deal with it.

This often happens for example if you have a neighbor who keeps a dog who happens to be infested with fleas outside in the back yard. If that is the case then the first thing you should do is to alert your neighbor to the problem. It is really a case of animal cruelty to allow an animal to remain infested, and so if they don’t deal with it, then you will have to alert your local animal control agency to get them to investigate further.

For the short term however, you may be left to deal with the problem in your own yard as fleas migrate over from next door.

A natural treatment that you can try is a solution of water and eucalyptus oil. You can put this into a sprinkler system, or use it in a hand held sprayer.

A second natural treatment that you can try is diatamatious earth, which can be sprinkled around your garden or yard. These are crushed shells, and because the edges are sharp they can cut through the exoskeletons of fleas and kill them.

If neither of those works then you can also try some kind of pesticide spray. There are quite a few on the market, so take some time to read them carefully at your local garden center. If there is an animal next door then you must be careful that it isn’t poisonous to the dog. It is also important to make sure of any potential side effects that it may have on you or others who use the yard, such as your children.

Regardless of which treatment you use though you MUST get to the root of the problem, which is either generally an animal under your care, or an animal under your neighbors’ care. If an animal is infested with fleas then they will be extremely uncomfortable, and it is essential that you take steps to help them.

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  1. Chuck says:

    The flea problem I’m sure it originates from our neighbor’s dog, but my neighbor doesn’t do anything about it even though I told him several times about the problem. I have no choice but to contact animal control agency and in the mean time I’ll try the methods described here and hopefully we’ll have our yard free of flea soon. That poor dog’s been infested with flea for far too long, I should have contacted animal control way sooner. What a luck to have an owner like that.

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