How to Get Rid of Cat Fleas

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The issue of how to get rid of cat fleas should be addressed in three ways, namely, killing the adult fleas, larvae and eggs on the cat itself, in the home and in outdoor areas. Keep in mind that the flea’s life cycle is spent on and off – in the house and out in the yard, that is –the animal, which explains the imperative necessity of the three-pronged approach toward the elimination of cat fleas. The said approach must also be implemented for two to three months until such time that there are no evidence of fleas on the cat as well as in the house and its premises.

If you have several cats, you must treat all of them at the same time. Otherwise, the fleas on one cat will transfer to the others that are being treated, thus, your efforts will be for naught.

Let’s first discuss the ways to get rid of cat fleas on your canine pet first. You have several options but we suggest asking your veterinarian which one is most suitable for your pet. It is not advisable to use two or more chemical-based formulations to kill cat fleas because of possible adverse drug interactions and side effects.

• Flea collars can kill either just the adult fleas or both the adult fleas, larvae and eggs but their efficacy only extends from the neck to the head; the rest of the body remain unprotected.

• Flea shampoos, dips and sprays, among other topical applications,contain insecticides useful in killing adult fleas.

• Flea powders also kill adult fleas but these can cause side effects like dry fur coats and respiratory irritations.

• Flea suspensions are oral medications administered via food on a once-a-month basis.

• Flea combs can be used in conjunction with any of the above-mentioned methods but it must be noted that these are not as effective. Only 10 to 50% of adult fleas can be removed so the remaining fleas must be eliminated in another way.

The ways on how to get rid of cat fleas will be incomplete without mentioning two other aspects, namely, eliminating cat fleas indoors and outdoors. Your best choices are using insect growth regulators, aerosol bombs, and insecticide sprays as well as in washing all linens, vacuuming the carpets and getting rid of the possible hiding places of these parasites.

All of these ways on how to get rid of cat fleas will be of no use, however, if and when you continue to bring in these parasites into your home. You must then adopt a long-term plan for eliminating fleas from your home and your pets.

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  1. Nick says:

    Thanks for this~ I’ll try all the methods for the exception of flea powders, because I’m afraid it might cause irritation for my kitty. I was wondering how I was going to get rid of the fleas on my cat because it hates water so much, but with this solution I won’t need to worry about that.

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