Home Remedies for Fleas – How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally

The first thing that you must do when looking for methods of how to get rid of fleas naturally, is to take some of the common sense steps like washing the bedding of your pets, and any blankets (including yours) where they may sleep. Make sure you use the hottest and longest wash possible for the best chance of killing the eggs, pupa and larva of fleas that may be in these.

Among home remedies for fleas in general it is always important to do standard household cleanliness practices like vacuuming everywhere. You will find that not all vacuum cleaners are created equal, and that some models come with extra levels of sucking power and filtration that can really help.

One good brand to explore is Dyson, who specialize in vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters and increased suction levels. They also come with extra hand held attachments, which makes it easy to also vacuum upholstery, curtains, beds and sofas.

You also need to bathe your pet and one good herbal treatment that you can try on them is an infusion of rosemary leaves. What you are going to want to do is to boil some water over the stove, and then add in three cups of rosemary leaves and the juice of half a lemon and ensure that they are thoroughly covered by the boiling water.

You should then boil for a minimum of 40 minutes in order to concentrate the liquid down to a potent mix. Then take a strainer and strain the liquid into a bowl, removing the leaves and allowing it to cool down until the remaining potion is fairly tepid. You should then add this remaining liquid to up to a gallon of warm water and soak your pet in it until they are totally soaked through.

Let your pet dry off naturally rather than towel drying them.

You should only do this on a warm day, or in a warm room so that your pet will be comfortable.

Once they are dry, comb your pets’ hair with a flea comb to make sure that you catch any remaining fleas.

Lastly, you should add a mix of eucalyptus oil and lavender oil to your pets’ collar as this will help to keep the fleas from returning.


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